Club News 2017

All the news that makes us look good!

Bucks Area Grading

The second grading of the year was held at Kitsune Gari in Milton Keynes, on November 12th 2017.  Specific congratulations go to Saffron, Aileen, Nicola and Berlin for outperforming Sensei expectations.

New Grade
Berlin (DCHS)
5th Kyu 3 Orange
Grace (DCHS)
4th Kyu
Saffron (DCHS)
4th Kyu 1 Green
4th Kyu 2 Green
Rachel (DCHS)
3rd Kyu
Ivy (DCHS)
3rd Kyu 1 Blue
Aileen (DCHS)
3rd Kyu 2 Blue
Audrey Liew (DCHS)
3rd Kyu (ratified Senior grade)
Lucca Gabella
3rd Kyu
Gemma Toerien Howie
3rd Kyu
Nicola Cleary (DCHS)
2nd Kyu

Oxford Course

The September Oxford Course came and went and was attended by Laura and Jonathon Day as well as Jonah along with Sensei.  Jonah was graded to 2nd Kyu (Blue belt) with three contest wins and one draw against a group all older and heavier than him.  

Laura and Jonathon started to learn Ju no Kata (the Kata of subtlety and flexibility) and Sensei finally was assessed and passed on Kaeshi no Kata (Kata of counters developed by Yoko Tani and passed on to Matsutaro Otani and is generally known as the 'BJC Kata').  That is now six Kata passed to Shudoshaidai level leaving just Goshin Jitsu no Kata (modern self defence) to polish and Koshiki no Kata (breaking balance and throwing in armour, this Kata is a 'historic' Kata from the Samurai era) to learn in order that he can claim to have studied all of the Kodakan Kata.

Maccabbi Games Israel 2017

In July 2017,  Jonah Alfert participated in the Maccabiah Games, where he fought against tough competition and won a Bronze medal:

jonah bronze.jpgjonah medal.jpg

BJC Open National Championship

Although it took place in April, Sunday the 30th, this traditionally May event saw three from our club enter where Luca and Laura Day both took Bronze.  Jonah, lost his first contest to decision but won the next two, both in less than ten seconds.

Bucks Area 'Low Kyu' Grading

At this event, eighteen of the club members attended and all were successful in achieving a higher grade.  Of particular note are Tom Goddard who jumped all the way from Yellow to Green belt, and Ivy from DCHS who has now caught her sister up and is ready to contest for higher grades.

Chalfont Championship
This year’s event took place on Saturday 18th March at the Evreham Sports Center and was our most successful ever.  A good number of club members took part in this event. We were honoured to have had Denise Lewis OBE attend and hand out medals to many of the successful.  

denise lewis.png

Denise Lewis OBE with one of this years medallists.  Apart from awarding medals, Denise was much in demand for autographing belts, Judogi as well as the more normal pieces of paper.

paris judo.png

Paris only started Judo in December after a lot of nagging by Sensei who met him a few times at his father’s business.  But he bravely entered our Championships and took the Gold!